Data Challenges in Assessing Air Quality (DACAAQ 2021)

More than one and a half million deaths occur every year in India as a result of exposure to ambient air pollution - Global Burden of Disease study 2019

The Focus

This workshop focuses on data challenges in assessing air quality, and marks the initiation of the first academia-industry partnership focused on air quality in India. The workshop is structured around ongoing research efforts in air quality analytics and assessment to develop an easy to use platform. Such a platform will be a visual tool to provide real-time, local information about outdoor air quality, along with the measured/estimated values of various air quality parameters, and one which can provide a simple assessment of the health impact of hyperlocal outdoor air quality. The workshop will also bring together researchers and practitioners in urban studies and data analytics who are interested in air quality and related issues of urban morphology and energy demand.



Air Quality, Route Selection, Quantum Route Optimization, Urban Morphology, Public Health, Low-cost Sensors, Big Data Analytics; Internet of Things