Managing Air Quality Through Data Science (DASFA-MAQTDS)



Workshop Format

We plan a full-day workshop. The tentative format and schedule are as follows:

Scheduled Time Topic Speakers
9:00-9:15AM Welcome and Introduction to Workshop Organizer(s)
9:15-10:15AM Keynote 1 TBD
10:15-11:00AM Theme 1: 3 Paper presentations TBD
11:00-11:15AM Break  
11:15-12:15PM Theme 2: 3 Paper presentations TBD
12:15-1:15PM Keynote 2 Interns/Field Researchers
1:15-2:15PM Lunch Break  
3:45-5:15PM Panel Discussion Drs. Jai Ganesh & Girish Agrawal + 3 to 4 other participants (TBD)
5:15-5:30PM Closing Remarks Organizers


Presentations by Interns/Field Researchers

One session of the workshop will be devoted to presentations by student and field researchers from the larger research group of the organizers, working on a range of mobile data collection tasks around air quality.

Panel Discussion

The proposed panel discussion will have two interlinked themes: the use of mobile sensors for spatio-temporally varying data, and selection of optimal routes. Prof. Girish Agrawal will lead a discussion on the advantages (and difficulties) of mobile data sensing from a “pattern extraction from sparse data” viewpoint, and Dr. Jai Ganesh will lead a discussion on route selection and optimization from a logistics operations viewpoint. The panel will conclude with a discussion of how best to select a travel route for air quality data collection (using portable sensors) which reflects the variation in urban morphology, both from a physical form and usage point of view.