Bharat Sim


The ongoing development of BharatSim, India's first ultra- large-scale simulation of 100 million-1 billion agents representing the population of India, together with a detailed synthetic population, is a cutting-edge multi- disciplinary achievement at Ashoka. With BharatSim, we can help governments, NGOs and others in the health care sector understand areas where targeted interventions in health care may make a difference to outcomes and to test these in simulations. Such simulations, since they assimilate details of economic activity as well, should also be useful in other fields.

We anticipate requiring 1-2 students along with 1-2 post-docs to be able to improve the synthetic population by assimilating the large amounts of survey data that are available, to further the development of the BharatSim code and to work on interdisciplinary aspects that cut across Ashoka's departments, integrating computer science and physics with economics and sociology.


Researchers : Bhavesh Neekhra, Philip Cherian, Kshitij Kapoor, Vedansh Priyadarshini, Aastha Shah, Nandini Agrawal, Debayan Gupta, Gautam Menon