Digital Makerspace


Welcome to Ashoka Mphasis Lab’s Digital Makerspace, designed to inspire innovation and foster creativity. Our Digital Makerspace provides a professional, inclusive, and supportive environment where students, faculty, and staff can bring their innovative ideas to life.

The Digital Makerspace goes beyond being a facility - it embodies a dynamic ecosystem, equipped with cutting-edge tools, rapid prototyping technologies, and high-performance 3D printers. The aim is to cultivate an arena of learning that evolves in real-time with the needs of its community.

With an emphasis on skill development, the Digital Makerspace offers a wide range of workshops and training sessions, enabling users to master various fields such as 3D modelling, programming, and electronics. Furthermore, we facilitate full-credit Independent Study Modules, promoting project-based learning and encouraging academic exploration.

Our commitment to collaboration is unwavering. We continually seek opportunities to foster partnerships within Ashoka and with external entities, fuelling an interdisciplinary approach to innovation. These collaborations have led to remarkable achievements, and we endeavour to cultivate more such synergies.

Integral to the ethos of our Digital Makerspace is a steadfast commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and safety. We uphold a nurturing and respectful environment, championing diverse ideas and individuals.

As we look to the future, Ashoka Mphasis Lab’s Digital Makerspace continues to evolve, committed to fostering creativity, advancing innovation, and nurturing lifelong learning.