Post Quantum Security


Lattice-based cryptography is the use of conjectured hard problems on point lattices in Rn as the foundation for secure cryptographic systems. Attractive features of lattice-based cryptography include apparent resistance to quantum attacks, security under worst-case intractability assumptions, high asymptotic efficiency and parallelism, and solutions to long-standing open problems in cryptography. Recent trends, such as the NIST initiative to standardize post-quantum cryptography, point to the large-scale adoption of lattice-based cryptography in the near future.
With the 3rd-round of NIST competition is still on, the project focuses on a timely-study of all lattice-based submissions to NIST. This will keep us updated on the standardization of state-of-the-art post-quantum lattice-based systems. Such a comprehensive study will also help us know the foundational tools and techniques behind the design of modern lattice-based public-key crypto systems. Consequently, the project also focuses on the important goal of designing indigenous lattice-based public-key encryption and signature scheme.